If you cannot make an appointment, please inform me in advance. You can do that by reaching or contacting me by telephone, email or a text message and you will have to do that 24 hours before our appointment. I wait no longer than 15 minutes after the specified time of the appointment. I consider this 15 minute time gap a grace period. Please note that if you will not come within 15 minutes of specified time of appointment then your appointment will be cancelled and will become invalid. The delay of more than 15 minutes results in causing great disturbance to the appointments which are to come next. I consider it unfair for the other clients to make a delay in their appointment due to the preceding one. If in any case you fail to make it to the appointment without a notice 24 hours before the agreed time of appointment, then you will have to pay the full fee for that.

You can book online while at the same time you can select the suitable date and time. After that you can pay. Please note that all the readings are pre-paid.

Regarding the bookings in advance, rescheduling and  cancellation of the booking can be performed but keep that in mind that such requests of rescheduling and cancelling the booking will be done free of charge if requested 24 hours before the original reading date. If you are unable to reschedule or cancel it and the time has jumped less than 24 hours, then you will be automatically charged for that.

The details and all the prices are mentioned on this website. Note that all the prices are mentioned in British pound. These prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

All your conversation that will be carried out during the session will stay there and it will stay safe. It is the policy here that all the personal information and contact details that you provide to the company will not be shared with any third party ever. The correspondence and the contact that will exist between you and me will be conducted for sole purpose of your personal usage only. All the copyright laws and confidentiality agreements apply here.

“No children” policy is strictly followed here. Which means children are not allowed to attend the sessions as reading might have more affect on younger people than the adult ones. The other reason for not allowing children is that they may cause distraction and disturbance during the session.

The purpose of providing the psychic readings in person is to provide guidance to you in an honest manner. As a client, you have the whole right to make your own decisions in accordance with your discretion, circumstances and instincts.
Please note that, I, George Asonitis, or my website, will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, unintended, incidental, consequential or other accidents which may arise from using this site or my services. You will be responsible for all of your actions on this website.

Cancellation & Refund:
The charges that I will take will be for my time and my services that you intend to use, based on shapes seen within your coffee cup.

If you want to cancel:
If feel dissatisfied with the reading or you incur a hesitation or feel uncomfortable at any moment, then just mention it within first 5 minutes of your reading as doing so will result in fully refunded payment.

If I want to cancel:
Other way around, if your session is going to start and it so happens that I could not connect with you as a client then this session will not go ahead and terminate right at that instant. Your money will also be refunded in this scenario.

Once the reading has started after that, no refunds will be made. If you have any questions then feel free to ask. Also proceeding further will make you agree on this statement that you fully understand and of your own free will choose to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.